Makimano  Rolls 

ARIZONA                                                                  6.99
yellow tail, smelt roe, cucumber, scallion 

ALASKAN                                                                 6.99
fried salmon skin, cucumber, krabstick,

smelt roe, scallion

CALIFORNIA                                                            5.99 
krabstick, cucumber, avocado    

TEKKA                                                                      4.99
fresh tuna roll    

JAPANESE BAGEL                                                   5.99
smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese  

TUNA TEMPURA                                                    7.99
tuna, krabstick, asparagus,  deep fried with

smelt roe spicy mayo and eel sauce  

UNAKYU                                                                 6.99
eel, cucumber and eel sauce  

TAMPA ROLL                                                          5.99
fried grouper, mayo, scallion 

KFC                                                                         5.99
tempura chicken, mayo  

MEXICAN                                                               6.99
fried shrimp, avocado, smelt roe, mayo

SPICY TUNA                                                          6.99
spicy tuna, scallion, smelt roe, cucumber,

tempura flake

SPICY SALMON                                                    6.99
salmon, scallion, smelt roe, cucumber,

spicy mayo, tempura flake

SPICY CONCH                                                       6.99
conch, scallion, smelt roe, cucumber, spicy mayo

SPIDER                                                                   7.99
tempura softshell crab, smelt roe, krabstick,

cucumber, scallion, eel sauce  

FUTOMAKI                                                             6.99
krabstick, tamago, Kampyo, oshinko, carrot, c

ucumber, avocado  

Vegetarian Rolls

KAPPA        cucumber roll                                   3.99

AVOCADO    avocado roll                                   4.99

asparagus tempura, with spicy mayo              5.99

SPICY TOFU                                                          6.99
tempura tofu, cucumber, scallion,

spicy mayo  

cucumber, avocado, asparagus, carrot           4.99

sweet potato tempura, avocado                       5.99

Consumer Advisory

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, egg, poultry, seafood

or shellfish increases your risk of foodborne illness,

especially if you have certain medical conditions.

No Substitution please.

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Only the finest meats and freshest vegetables, which come fresh from the farmer’s market, find their way into our kitchen.  Once there, they are cooked in pure vegetable oil to bring out the true flavors of authentic Thai cooking.  

Our extensive menu offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes, appealing to all tastes.  Diners can request entrees made vegetarian-style or with any of our fresh meats.

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